Pammies Super Natural Spice Inspiration

I had a love for cooking at an early age. Coming from a family of six siblings, I started cooking at the age of 10.  It was simple things like breakfast food that inspired me. Cracking and scrambling the eggs, crisping the bacon, browning the sausage, and preparing pancakes from a mix. Watching them rise was all it took to hook me. When I reached the age of 12, I cooked my first turkey for Thanksgiving. My dad taught me how to clean the cavity of the big bird, which at 12, I thought was pretty disgusting.  But then again, it’s still pretty disgusting to me. However, I learned how to clean turkey and chickens quite well inside and out. My first turkey was a success with my family.  I don’t know if they were humoring me, but it gave me confidence.

My mom worked outside the home and my dad was self-employed and owned a television repair shop. The shop was located in the front of the house and we lived in the back. My dad cooked the meals since he was home during the day working out of his shop. He made house calls after my mother arrived home.

My dad was pretty creative with meals and most were successful and, as you can imagine others not so much. For example, boiled fresh pumpkin served as sweet potatoes with a little butter. Not so successful! But the fact is my dad was always open to experimenting and creating new recipes. This opened the doors and our minds to a variety of foods and how they were prepared.

Many years later, my dad made his home in Chicago. On one of my visits, he said he had a new egg recipe he wanted me to try: scrambled eggs and fresh clams. I said to him like the verse in Dr. Seuss’s book, Green Eggs, and Ham, “I do not like clams and eggs and do not want them.” But, to my surprise and delight, they were delicious.  Freshly shucked clams mixed with perfect fluffy scrambled eggs has become a mainstay on our foodie list. Today it’s one of the family favorites and my brother Peter only prepares them as a special treat on holidays.

Cooking for me is relaxing; it transports me to a world of flavor and creativity. It gives me great pleasure to see family and friends enjoy and savor my cooking and special recipes. Freshness and flavor are most important in every dish I make. Having had a couple of different careers, for a long time cooking was relegated to holidays and family gatherings.  However, I would gladly cook special meals for myself and friends on weekends.

In this new chapter in my life, I have decided to pursue my passion for cooking and in that regard, I have created the best possible flavor blends that work in sync with one’s body that can contribute to healthy eating without losing flavor. These blends are meant to elevate the flavor of any and all foods. Pammies Super Natural Spice took over a year to develop. It is a unique flavor combination of healthy beneficial herbs and spices.

My mom and dad have passed away but their legacy lives on through my cooking.  My dad taught me how to cook and my mom taught me to believe in myself and my dreams. I invite you to join me in this flavor journey to make Pammies Super Natural Spice the #1 go to spice — lower salt, bigger flavor.  When you want something special or you want to make every dish special, Pammies Super Natural Spice is the spice you can count on to enhance the flavor of whatever you are cooking: fish, chicken, meat, and vegetables — Pammies!  With Pammies Super Natural Spice, you can use one spice and you’re done.

Remember, Flavor it up! Thanks, Mom and Dad!