OMG – I looooove your spice. I cooked chicken last night – it came out amazing
I used the original spice on different things, I cooked chicken, veggies and I even used it on my Thanksgiving Turkey. I give it a 10 – it was absolutely amazing… I purchased the mild – I would love to try the spicy as well because some family members love spicy food.

F. Mwombela

Capital Heights, MD

Pammies Super Natural Spice transforms good food into extraordinary food! I like it best on fish, sautéed cabbage with fresh peppers, kale, and chard.
B. Dawson

Exton, PA

I love Pammies Spice. OMG! I think this will be my go to seasoning for all my veggies; cooked as well as raw. The “spicy” version is my favorite. It gives my dishes the “oomph” I like.





J. E. Jones

Chicago, IL

Pammies’ seasoning was magnificent…..I had it on salmon.
C. A. Coleman

Baltimore, MD

I love everything about Pammies spice! It is the perfect blend of herbs and spices and enhances the flavor of anything from soup to nuts. I have even used it on melon and in some chocolate recipes. DELISH!
D. McTiernan,

Strafford, PA

Pammie’s Super Natural Spice has a bold and distinctive flavor. The dip I made with Pammie’s Spicy and cream cheese has a kick and is an absolute crowd-pleaser.

Recipe: Fried buttermilk chicken
The Pammie’s Fried Chicken was marinated in a buttermilk/Pammie’s wash for 6 hours. The chicken was then coated in flour and Pammie’s. The result was amazing!! The chicken was crispy, moist and the subtle individual flavor of the different spices could be tasted.

R. Butler,

Hyattesville, MD

Pammies Super Natural Spice adds a little kick and a touch of sass. Never overpowering, always flavorful. Both original and spicy are great on everything because it enhances your dish without masking the natural flavors. I love to use Pammies on a thick steak!
S. Purnell,

Cherry Hill, NJ